Mughlai paratha is a popular Bengali street food especially in Bangladesh and West Bengal in India.It can be a soft fried bread enhanced by a stuffing of keema (minced meat), egg, onions and pepper or a paratha stuffed with the same or similar ingredients.

Preparation time- 30 minutes Serving-2 Ingredients: For Dough- All purpose flour(maida)-1 cup (130 gm) Cooking oil- 2 tbsp Salt - 1/2 tsp For stuffing- Egg - 3 to 4 Green chilli-2 to 3 Onion(chopped)-1 Capsicum(chopped)-1 Tomato(chopped)-1(small) Coriander leaves Black pepper powder-1/3 tsp Salt to taste or 1.5 tsp Cooking oil for frying

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