This apple cookie recipe is nothing like the classic mini apple pie recipes you heard before. A very different way to make apple pies in small portions. Also, comes in one portion sizes! Besides all the this apple biscuits are very delicious and fudgy! If you want to make mini apple pies, there are some tips you need to know. It is actually quite a lot of work to make apple tarts in big sizes. But with this recipe, you can actually measure how many portions of apple cookies you want to bake! Another thing is, you should use organic and high quality ingredients, such as organic cinnamon and apples. Cinnamon is adding and incredible flavor to the apple. If you wısh, you can also add raisins to the apple and cinnamon mixture. This apple tarts will stay fresh in your fridge up to a week! 

Grate the apples In a large skillet, cook the grated apples Add sugar When apples run out of water, add ground cinnamon Leave this mixture to cool down When it cools down, add ground walnuts

Directions for the Dough: In a large bowl mix room temperature butter with powdered sugar Add an egg and drained yogurt Add vegetable oil and vanilla powder Add flour and baking powder Gradually keep adding the flour as you start kneading See below for the list of ingredients Cut the dough into two equal pieces (cover up one of the pieces so it doesn’t go dry) Roll the dough using a roller Place a table spoon of the apple filling on the pieces of dough with no hole on it

You can decorate using a fork Transfer on to the baking tray On 180C (350F) pre-heated oven, bake for 15 minutes, or until the tops are golden brown Ingredients for the delicious mini apple pies: For the dough: 1 egg 1 stick (100g) butter ½ cup powdered sugar 3 tbs drained yogurt ½ cup vegetable oil 1 tbs vanilla powder 1 tbs baking powder 3 ½ cups flour For the apple filling: 3 apples 4 tbs sugar ½ cup walnuts 2 tsp cinnamon For decoration: Powdered sugar

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